Submedia Presents: Hiladi Village

Hiladi Village is a traditional village site of the Ma’amtagila people. Over 80 years ago the people living there were displaced by colonial violence, but now Ma’amtagila matriarch Tsasiqualis and her son, Dakota are working to rebuild. Recently a “tiny big house” (a tiny house modeled after a traditional big house or guwdzi) was completed and brought to Hiladi village site. It is the first major structure to be constructed there, along with a wood shed and outdoor kitchen. The tiny house was specifically brought to serve as a space for two spirit community members to have as a safe space. Dakota emphisizes the importance of land based healing and would like to run different health and wellness programs on the territory in response to the intergenerational trauma inflicted on his community.

Tsasiqualis and Dakota discuss the colonial structures preventing them from simply existing on their territory including industry, environmental racism, the colonial government, gentrification through tourism, and ongoing surveillance.

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Written by The Indignants

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